Art and culture emerges as an essence of inhabitants and it is beautifully synchronized with this euphoric surroundings. Our traditional songs and folklores depict the rich ancient history in the field of art. This piece of land gave birth to number of well-known artists & poets. One among them was Shri.Thamban Vaidayar, who was a renowned poet as well as an artist and a politician. He has occupied place in the hearts of the people throughout Kerela with his illustrious traditional songs like “Poorakalipattu”, “Kolkalipattu”, “Kalampattu”, etc…

Once upon a time “Araattu” at “Pallivayal” was one of the most celebrated festivals of whole of this villagers. Even now, when people celebrate “Pooram” during the Malayalam month of Meenam, they mention about this festival, which was celebrated in olden days.

Folklores like Theyyam, Poorakkali, Kolkali are the wealth of this Panchayat. Theyam, a unique dance form in art were mastered by several artists who achieved success and fame. The “Makkam” theyam is performed at Katankott Tharavadu every year.

“Poorakali” is conducted at “Aneekkara Bhagawati” temple every year. Poorakali is a traditional art form performed during ‘Pooram’ season (in the Malayalam month of Meenam) by group of people chanting the holy verses from ‘Ramayana’ or ‘Bhagawata’. The beauty of the art is that there are no special singers or orchestra accompanying the performance. The dancers themselves sing and keep rhythm by movements of the foot and clapping of hands.

The famous Poovalappil Raman Panikkar and his son Damodaran Panikkar were among the prominent in this field of art. They were not only outstanding in Poorakkali but also “Guru” (teachers) who gave informal education for most of the people in this area.

“Kolkali” was also very significant in this area. Unfortunately this famous folk-dance is diminishing but still performed at Vettakkorumakan Kottam every year.

Kathakali is the traditional dance of Kerela, famous all over the world. It’s a group presentation with unique dress code and makeup in the background music of chenda and maddalam (drums) along with cymbals, taalam & vocal singers singing in a particular way called ‘Sopanam’, all this distinguishes Kathakali from other dance form. This dance form needs vigorous training as the facial expressions, limb & body movements conveys the theme. Basically, the themes are borrowed from Hindu mythology, especially from the epics ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ where dancers perform the role of various characters. Usually, Kathakali is performed only in late evening till midnight & the artists performing with heavy costumes with patience and dedication draws appreciation and laurels.

Kunhimangalam is also very famous for the folklore Theyyam. There were several famous and talented “Theyyam” artists in this place who have proven their abilities in this dance form of art. Ambu Peruvannan from Kuruvatt, Kannan Peruvannan from Thekkumbad, Kora Peruvannan from Edat, Chandu Padathravan from Thalai, Ambu Panikkar, Ambu and Kottan from Kadannappaly were some of the brilliant performers among them


In the whole world there are only two artists who can paint a picture by holding the brush in their mouth and out of that one artist, Mr. Ganesh Kumar lives in Kunhimangalam. Mr. Ganesh Kumar whose hands and legs were crippled by the polio disease did not give up his hopes. He took his life as a challenge and became the world-renowned artist who can draw his imaginations without his hands but with the help of his mouth. Also there are several God gifted artists who lives in this beautiful village. Among them are Bobby Narayanan Master, Mr. Srinivasan who makes beautiful tablows for various ceremonies and celebrations. The accomplished artist Bobby Narayanan Master made the statue of Quit India movement memorial installed near the Registrar Office of Payyanur. Mr.Balan who is famous for his traditional method of giving colours to the temple carvings, Kunhimangalam Balan, Mr. Kalikottu Raghavan Nambiar, K.T. Narayanan Master, Pappan Master, and Mr. C. Vijayakumar are among the famous artists. The promising dancer Shijith Kumar and The illustrious photographer Mr. Janardanadas Kunhimangalam are also a proud of this village.


P.Karunakaran Master M.Prasanth Master Sasthrapoorakkali-Introduction

Written by: P. Karunakaran Master Direction: M. Prasanth Master

1. Chirakatta Pakshi - [Kadha]

2. Eriyunna Asthikoodangal - [Kavitha]

3. Ammayum Kunhjum - [Kavitha]

3. Ammayum Kunhjum - [Kavitha]

4.Entegraamam Ormakalil
Ravindran Kaiprath Thekke Veetil

Pappan Kunhimangalam

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