An independent charitable organization promoted by socially committed individuals from Kunhimangalam, was established in February 1992 at Dubai. Initially it started with 14 members and today its membership stands at 109. The founder member and President is Mr.K.Narayanan who chaired this position until December 2005. The present President is Mr.Karunakaran Koyakkeel. Mr.M.V.Raghavan was the founder Secretary of this organization who held this position from 1992 to 1994 and 1997 to 2003. During the interim period between 1994 and 1997 Mr.M.K.Lakshmanan and Mr.Unni Pothen was steared the position of the Secretary. During the tenure of Mr.M.K.Lakshmanan he played a vital role in running this organization, though the organization was in a functional crisis. The present Secretary of this organization is Mr Babu Malliyote. The local representative in Kunhimangalam is Mr.T.P.Madhusoodhanan who is also the founder Treasurer of this organization. In order to reach the help to the needy hands, the disbursement of funds are organized in the presence of the local representatives and concerned local body members in Kunhimangalam.

Kunhimangalam Brothers has several charitable activities to its credit for the destitutes in and around the Village. The prime area of focus of this organization is Education and Medical aid for the deserving villagers. Though the administrative functions are controlled from Dubai, this organization is mainly concentrating to help the needy people in consultation with local administration without any religious, political or social discrimination. The only social criteria Kunhimangalam Brothers look at is the financial/disability situation of the beneficiary. This association is also keen on the welfare of their members. Brothers Welfare Scheme (Brothers Suraksha Scheme) is one of the Welfare scheme launched by the organization for this purpose. The Kudos of Kunhimangalam Brothers goes for the community work for the expatriate members in UAE. In the yester years, this association has solely organized and undertaken the humanitarian task of dispatching the dead bodies of two expatriate members who have unfortunately lost their life in the U.A.E. The complete co-ordination work with the local authorities till handing over the dead body to the relatives, last rituals and providing immediate financial assistance to their families was one of the major voluntary service initiated by this organization.

One of the major charity works undertaken by Kunhimangalam Brothers was Free Eye Test Camp conducted during the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Thalayi Rachana Theatres. More than 1500 Eye Patients from Kannur and Kasaragod Districts attended this camp and availed the advantage of free Eye Test. Dr.Ravi Chandran, Senior Eye Consultant of Madhurai Aravind Hospital, Coimbatore who conducted this camp has warmly appreciated the organizers to campaign such a huge participation. According to Dr. Ravi Chandran, this camp was one of the largest Eye Test Camps ever conducted in Kerala. About 190 patients from this camp were taken to Madhurai Aravind Eye Hospital, Coimbatore and successfully completed the Eye Operation. The complete financial supports for these treatments were extended by this organization.

This organization is also sponsoring many endowments to the accredited students of all public schools in Kunhimangalam at Lower Primary, Upper Primary and High School levels. The funds for these endowments are mainly generated from the interest on Deposits made in Kunhimangalam Service Co-operative Bank. Since the endowment amount is fixed, the difference if any, in meeting this amount due to the fluctuation of interest rates is met by the additional funding from Dubai periodically. The main source of revenue is from the subscription fee and the outcome of chit funds arranged among the members. The spiraling success and existence of this philanthropic organization is attributed to its highly principled approach and commitment for human values than focusing on celebrations.

Kunhimangalam Brothers is second to none in its approach for common cause for the villagers and hope it would be a role model for so called mushrooming organizations.

Kunhimangalam had proved its talent in theatre very successfully. Many Amateur theatre troops developed here. Thalayi Rachana Theatres is one of the active groups conducting Amateur drama competition at district level every year. The influence of the theatre can be effectively visible in political scenario. Unfortunately, now many of the theater had closed down, but few are recharging themselves according to the new trend. Many talented artists also left the scenario with the loss of popularity of the theatre except those actors who are dedicated to this art still trying to revive this art to the heights.

The Libraries and Reading Rooms are the corners were one can gather much of the knowledge in peace. It spreads the light of knowledge amid the concealed lanes of hidden & remote areas. Lively attitude, passion for art and craze for learning opened the route for number of big and small libraries in this village which plays a considerable roll in building up wide range of readers to improve their vibrant tastes. Thamban Vaidyar Memorial library in Thekkumbad, V.R.Nayanar Memorial library & reading room, Thalayi Krishnappilla Smaraka Vayanashala, Red star Library & reading Room in Moosarikkoval, Kumar Library & reading room in Malliyot, Souhrida in Kovvappuram, Tisk in Koyyapara, Kizhakkani Red Star, AKG Memorial in Parambath,Mahatma in Edat are few among them.

There are several Libraries and Reading Rooms here, namely, A.K.G. Memorial at Parambath, A.K.G. Memorial at Kuthirummal, Kishakkani Red Star, Kumar Library & Reading Room at Malliyotte, Mahatma at Edat, Red Star Library & Reading Room in Moosarikkoval, Souhrida at Kovvapuram, Krishna Pillai Smaraka Vayanasala at Thalayi, Thamban Vaidyar Memorial Library at Thekkumbad, Tisk at Koyappara and V.R. Nayanar Memorial Library & Reading Room at Kandamkulangara.

V.R. Nayanar Memorial Library & Reading Room

The V.R. Nayanar Memorial Library & Reading Room established in the year 1952 is the oldest and biggest of the libraries in Kunhimangalam with thousands of valuable volumes to quench the thirst of the inhabitants.


Thamban Vaidyar memorial Library

Thamban Vaidyar Memorial Library in Thekkumbad.  

Krishnappilla Smaraka Vayanasala in Thalayi

Red Star Library & Reading Room

Red Star Library & Reading Room in Moosarikkovval was inaugurated by Mr.C.V.Damodaran on 19th August 1976.

Kumar Library & Reading Room

Kumar Library & Reading Room in Malliyotte was established in the year


Souhrida in Kovvappuram


Tisk in Koyappara

RedStar Kizhakkani

RedStar Kizhakkani

A.K.G. Memorial in Parambath

Kairali Arts & Sports

Jwala Arts Centre & Library , Kuthirummal


Mahatma in Edat.

WEONE Arts & Sports Club, Thekkumbad

Sports, another sector where Kunhimangalam has stride in effectively. Volleyball, Shuttle, Kabadi are the Popular Games in Kunhimangalam but widely accepted and cherished game is football which has turned into a craze for the people of Kunhimangalam. There are several leading football players who played in district level. If there is enough encouragement and high-quality training given to the athletes of schools and colleges, who makes good performance in the meets and other athletic events, it is quite sure that Kunhimangalam can proudly contribute several best athletes for the state of Kerala.

Jwala Arts & Sports Club - Kuthirummal, Kumar Sports Club - Malliyotte, Red Star Sports Club - Kizhakkani, Safdar Hashmi Sports Club - Thalayi are some of the arts and sports clubs in this village.