Kunhimangalam, a small area in the ‘God’s own Country’ is an elegant small village situates in the north end of Kannur District. This beauteous countryside has abundance of green paddy fields dancing in the downhill breeze, abounded with coconut trees, caressed by the rivers. Payyanur and Payangadi are the main neighboring towns of Kunhimangalam. There are two rivers bordering this verdant village, river Changoorichal in the northwest side and river Chemballikundu in the east side. On western side stand the magnificent half draped Misty hillocks of Ezhimala and down the hills, surging Arabian Sea kissing the feet of hillocks. Wide stretched paddy fields, acres of coconut trees, cashew nuts and areca nuts were the wealth of this land as this region is bestowed with natural resources and fertility. This entire scenario spreads celestial touch to this part of land. Kunhimangalam is a place where cosmic beauty topped with historical values, great heritage of art and culture is experienced and along with it effective social movements are visible for the betterment of commoner.

Kunhimangalam has 13 alphabets in its name and coincidently it is divided into 13 ‘wards’ and the district, which it belongs to, is the 13th district of Kerala

Ezhimala (Seven Hills), the magnificent mountainous region on the seashore, the then head quarters of the Ezhimala Rajya during the Sang period, is situated in the western part of Kunhimangalam. The name of the railway station at Kunhimangalam since its inception is “Elimala” which undoubtedly describes that this village was part of the Ezhimala region. Due to its structural stand and the blissful surroundings, Asia’s biggest and famous Ezhimala Naval Academy was built near the hills, just couple of kilometers away from Kunhimangalam.

This north end piece of the “God’s Own Country” has a rich and magnificent heritage. The archeological remainings excavated from here and nearby places proves the existence of a civilized inheritance in this area centuries ago. The “Aduppootti Para” (Umbrella rock) and the recently found caves made of stones sweeps us back to the centuries Old Stone Age civilization...More >>