Former chief secretary of Kerala.

Being on a visit to the US,I witnessed the fireworks on the Fourth of July Independence day here as did President Obama apropos the White House message below which I share with you.You can even see the full video of the fireworks witnessed by the president by clicking on the link in the message below.This is how the ruler of this country keeps in daily touch with the people.This is true democracy, of the people by the people for the people.

You will also find below the daily minute to minute program of the president which is freely communicated and not kept hidden as top secret like in our country by the overacting security which will keep people away from the prime minister or president and which will not allow the people who are in the streets even to have a look at the vip passing but insult them by making them stand facing the wall with their back to the street till the vip has passed ,all in the name of protecting the vip! Here I get the president's program everyday in my email.

Mr Radhakrishnan

A few days ago,I was invited as chief guest at the 150th anniversary celebration of the Municipal High School,Cannanore (as it was known then), which was established far back in 1861.This famed school with such a hoary past and tradition and with alumni all over the world in diverse walks of life, was my alma mater too, having been a student there in the 1950s.It was a proud and happy moment for me and for everyone present to be part of such a historic occasion.I am happy to say that when I gave my speech,one mention which the discerning audience received with special applause was when I referred to my native village of Kunhimangalam in Kannur district itself and how my fellow-citizens of the village thoughtfully and fittingly commended and appreciated my honest and unblemished career through a grand public reception held by the village panchayat and a memento which said that I had earned a seat of honour in the hearts of the people and elevated the prestige of my country by virtue of my impeccable record of service. I am grateful to the people of my Kunhimangalam and take this opportunity to express it through the popular portal of

With best wishes to my fellow-citizens of Kunhimangalam and to

Vijayanunni. M (Mundyat veettil),IAS,Ph.D (born in mundyat veettil,Manhaacheri,Kunhimangalam in May,1947)
Former chief secretary,government of Kerala

I extend my hearty greetings and best wishes on the launch of this commendable website on Kunhimangalam and I congratulate all those who worked for the fruition of this laudable venture. May the news and views of this picturesque and bounteous land reach the far corners of the world on the worldwide web!

                I am delighted to know that you are taking the initiative to have a site for all those who are from Kunhimangalam. I appreciate your effort particularly because today technology can bring people together wherever they are and even if there were no opportunities of getting together for all at the same place. One's own native place and one's own birth place have the unique advantage of bringing people together since these are exciting propositions throughout one's life. I wish your effort all success